The Everyone Counts Campaign addresses discrimination and social exclusion by engaging key stakeholder groups – unserved, under-served, and inappropriately served ethnic consumers and their family members and communities, and “power group” members, those in positions to positively impact discriminatory practices and policies. It convenes these individuals into “Action Teams” to uncover, highlight, and to reduce the effects of mental health discrimination for mental health consumers.


Latino/a/x American Action Team

The ECC is currently focused on working closely with the Latino community to ensure we are providing services that are culturally appropriate. Find out more about wellness for Latino/a/xs.

Speakers Bureau

The Everyone Counts Speakers' Bureau is a group of individuals, with diverse backgrounds, interests, talents, and aspirations, who have both lived experience of stigma and discrimination related to mental health and on how to build and maintain wellness.

Pool Of Consumer Champions

Since 2006, the Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC) has been an active grass roots group of consumers geographically representing Alameda County.

Chinese American Action Team

In traditional Chinese cultures, having a mental health challenge can cause a person to “lose face” or standing.

Housing Action Team

People with mental health challenges may face a variety of serious barriers when seeking safe and affordable housing.

Primary Care Action Team

Primary Care doctors practice on the front lines where many consumers present with mental health challenges that connect to their physical health concerns.

African American Action Team

In Alameda County, low-income African Americans with serious mental illness (and co-occurring disorders) represent 25% of the population, yet receive 40% of all mental health services.