PEERS Outreaches at the Bay Area Black Expo 2015 - 24th Annual Show

July 29, 2015
Tabling from 24h Annual Show - Bay Area Black Expo

Oakland, CA - Saturday, July 25, 2015 - Frank Oqawa Plaza

The morning on the day of the 24th Annual Show – Bay Area Black Expo 2015 was grey and cloudy. Though not too cold, it was just cold enough to warrant me putting on my jean jacket which I continued to wear all day. I arrived early, as I like to do, and sought out my vendor number booth space which happened to have been number thirty-eight. Once I located it I thought…. Wow! Perfect! Ideal! I couldn’t have asked for a better location. The PEERS booth was situated on a corner space which meant that I would have people approaching and retreating from two directions. Yes! Something told me that I would need two tables for this event and my intuition had paid off once again. I was so glad that I followed my mind and made sure that I had two tables.

A funny thing about my PEERS table display: it is so very attractive that my work as a PEERS spokesperson begins from the time my display is almost complete, however early that is before the actual event even begins. During this time, I engage with the people around my table and the many other vendors who approach me as they arrive to set up their individual booths. A thespian, I really enjoy watching the transformation of an empty space, theater or square into a living, breathing, thriving, vibrating, pulsating, energetic, colorful, fragrant, artistic, rhythmic and ethnocentric menagerie of people places and things, of colors and textures and hues and dimensions, of cultures art and music and clothing and jewelry and oils and community resources, dance and celebration; all of these things that are the essential ingredients that add flavor, spice and pleasure to the soup of life that is our lives. I simply live for it!

Compared to last year, this year’s Black Expo experience was 100% better for me. I estimate that around two thousand folks happened by during the event and I think that is a very conservative estimate. 

We distributed 200 PEERS – Love More – Judge Less – wristbands and ribbons; the ribbons were attached to Each Mind Matters Cards, Everyone Counts Campaign brochures, and other information on mental health peer to peer services in Alameda County.

We obtained 127 signatures… Awesome!

Thank you, Bre for showing up and contributing to the overall success of tabling at this event. Thanks also to Aisha Scott, a faithful volunteer at many of our community outreach events.

The 24th Annual Show – Bay Area Black Expo 2015 was a huge success. I look forward to being in the midst of the festivities around this time next year at the 25th Annual Show – Bay Area – Black Expo 2016.