PEERS tables at the Asian Community Mental Health Services Festival

November 24, 2014

We've been very busy at PEERS working with the Chinese American Action Team on best strategies for outreach, and we had the pleasure of being invited to the Asian Community Mental Health Services Fall Health Fair. The agenda was packed with fun activities like mindfulness meditation, mental health education, and smile exercises. I was able to benefit first hand from the meditation and remember that being grounded in myself and mental health recovery helps me stay grounded in the work.

Over 14 different languages being spoken at any time, and it was incredible to see the synchronicity and calm flow that surrounded the Fall Festival. One of the highlights for me was the hope jar. Everyone had a chance to grab a couple of slips of colorful paper and write down their hopes for the year. Afterwards, participants even got to have their own person jar of hope!

It was my first time getting to know some of the community members that Asian Community Mental Health Services and I felt very welcomed and honored to be part of such an event! It was Veronica Liu’s second day, SI Administrative Assistant for the Chinese American Project, and she jumped into conversations and started talking about the groups we’ll be holding at Asian Community Mental Health in January.

The Overcoming Internalized Stigma groups are for Chinese Americans who have experienced mental distress and want to a safe place to talk about stigma they’ve experienced. The groups weill be held in Cantonese and will start  January 15th from 2:00-3:00 at Asian Community Mental Health Services at 310 8th St, Oakland CA. For more information contact Veronica Liu at or 510-567-7624.